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Love Every Self

For Mejuri Jewelry 

Problem:  Jewelry has tiny and difficult to open clasps which make putting it on and taking it off difficult for people with mobility and dexterity issues.

Insight:  Many people need to rely on others to put on their jewelry, preventing them from feeling independent.

Idea: Include the option to buy Mejuri’s fine jewelry with accessible, easy-to-use magnetic clasps. Announce the new clasps by embracing and empowering people of all ages and abilities to take agency in their jewelry and self-love.

Magnetic Clasps

Available in 14K gold, gold vermeil, and sterling silver on all necklaces and bracelets.

Interior Transit Ads

Depicting a hand missing a thumb, and the hands of an elderly woman. 

Pop-up Store

Host a special Pop-up store to replicate the jewelry experiences of people with mobility and dexterity issues.

                                Store window poster 
Posters displayed in store, above jewelry
which is impossible to be opened by shoppers 

Instagram Launch

Campaign will be launched on Instagram through weekly series of posts, showcasing notable women who benefit from accessible clasps.

The posts will feature quotes from an interview with the star, discussing self-love and accessibility. Full transcripts of interviews will be posted on Mejuri’s website, and linked in the post.

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